Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Running and Writing

A couple of weeks ago I ran the Sam Mumley 5K in St. Clairsville, Ohio. The young fellow ahead of me held off my pitiful finishing kick--more like an old man's trot. I did manage to run 19:40 and win my age group (grand masters--50 and over).

I've been running competitively since I was 14 years old. Now distance running is so ingrained in my lifestyle that I go into withdrawal if I miss a day or two. The great thing about running is that it stimulates creativity. Perhaps the long, lonely miles tend to spur on the imagination's juices just to keep the mind occupied.

Many times when writer's block has clogged the stream of vision, a good run brings new ideas and possibilities like an overwhelming flow that clears the obstruction. There have been times out on a country road when I feel like jumping, whooping, and hollering because a creative solution to a writing problem suddenly takes shape. I can't wait to finish the run and get back to the computer to get it all down.

Maybe that's why I always include characters in my novels who enjoy distance running--it's my way of tipping my hat to the activity that gets my mental pistons firing.

Talk to you later,

Joe C. Ellis

P.S. : I heard from a bookstore chain on the Outer Banks yesterday who informed me that Murder at Whalehead was selling so well the distributor had a hard time keeping them in stock. I love good news!

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