Thursday, June 8, 2017


For a limited time, Joe C. Ellis's mystery WWII novel, The First Shall Be Last will be offered as a free ebook at and
Also available as an Audible book at Amazon

   THE FIRST SHALL BE LAST is a murder mystery and love story set during the harrowing days of World War II. This novel is a tribute to our country's Greatest Generation and the sacrifices they made on the home front and battlefront. "Haunting, captivating, compelling, THE FIRST SHALL BE LAST is a powerful mystery that grips the heart." -- Nancy Haddock, Berkley Books novelist. Description: Two young lovers separated by war cling to hope and sanity by exchanging passionate letters. As Howard heads to his first battle on the Pacific island of Peleliu, Helen fulfills her call to duty by working at a local factory. They soon discover they have more to worry about than the elite Japanese forces deeply entrenched on the island. One of Howard's platoon members, Judd Stone, seeks revenge against a black stretcher bearer by the name of Josiah Jackson. Howard fears Stone may go to any length to get what he wants, even murder. Sixty years later Reverend Byron Butler enters the hospital room of an old Marine who wants to confess a dark secret. But Butler can't discover the whole truth until he investigates other leads--Helen and Howard's letters, Josiah Jackson's son, and a mysterious footlocker. Known as the "forgotten battle," Peleliu marked the first time segregated black troops mixed with white Marines on the front lines. The integration wasn't mandated. It was attributed to the ferocity of the battle as black soldiers aided the wounded. The novel is based on the memoirs of James E. Ellis, the author's father.