Thursday, August 16, 2007

Book Signing at Island Bookstore

Today while I was cruising the internet I stopped by Corolla's Island Bookstore site and discovered my picture on display. Very cool.

Here's the link:

That's my daughter, Sarah, on the left and her buddy, Mindi, on the right. Our vacation on the Outer Banks this summer was a blast. Hopefully we'll get to go for two weeks next summer.

I got an email from my distributor on the OBX the other day. She informed me the novel is selling well. I'm almost done with the rewrite of the prequel to Murder at Whalehead. It's called The Healing Place and involves the same characters--the Mulligans and the Butlers. I'm hoping the Outer Banks bookstores will be willing to sell The Healing Place also. Next summer I'd like to publish the third book in the series--The First Shall Be Last, the sequel to Murder at Whalehead.

Talk to you later,

Joe C. Ellis

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