Thursday, September 13, 2007

THE HEALING PLACE -- Now Available

The second edition of my first novel, The Healing Place -- Prequel to Murder at Whalehead is now available from! Here's the link:
If you enjoyed Murder at Whalehead, you'll like the prequel. The story involves the families from Murder at Whalehead, the Butlers and Mulligans, and occurs six years before. Here's a bit of a preview:
In this prequel to his popular novel, Murder at Whalehead, author Joe C. Ellis draws from his experiences growing up in the river town of Martins Ferry, Ohio and the legends surrounding the community. Scotch Ridge is a safe haven from the world until the day Nathan Kyler moves into the shack by the creek. Elijah Mulligan, a leader in the community, does not trust him. Reverend Byron Butler tries to befriend him. But Kyler is obsessed with a diabolical vision--human sacrifice. Who is the focus of Kyler's obsession? Christine Butler, the preacher's daughter. In the graveyard of the Scotch Ridge Presbyterian Church is a monument known as "The Chair." Some say the monument is cursed--if you sit on it at midnight you will die within 24 hours. The day after Christine Butler sits on "The Chair" she disappears. A mile from the church, deep in the Appalachian woods is a place Elijah Mulligan calls "The Healing Place." It is here something incredicble happens.

"Beautifully written!"
Rev. Dr. R.L. Croker

"Characters drawn with strong, almost visual brush strokes, draw the reader into a story that is both very real while at times almost surrealistic. Ellis has created a novel of suspense with a storyteller's grasp of detail. "
Donna Swanson, nationally award winning poet

"Ellis's style quickly captures the reader and keeps them hanging on until the finale."
V.R. Falcone

The first edition of The Healing Place sold out about two years ago. This past summer I rewrote the second edition. The writing is much improved. My printer and online distributer, Lightning Source, is in the process of approving the book block and cover design. For now, though, it is available from It should be up on in about two to three weeks.

Talk to you later,
Joe C. Ellis
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