Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Inspiration of David Blaine

About six or seven years ago I became fascinated with David Blaine's Street Magic specials that were regularly aired on The Learning Channel. As I began plotting the story for Murder at Whalehead, it occurred to me that a David-Blainesque character would be a great addition to the cast for a murder mystery set on the Outer Banks.

I watched Blaine's specials again and again. Three of his tricks amazed me--the one where he bites the quarter in half, the one where he stabs a card through a menu, and of course his feat of levitation. I decided to create a character based on David Blaine and his magic--a character who could possibly be a murderer. I named him Jack Blaze. In the novel, Blaze isn't quite as accomplished as David Blaine. He's working on his craft in hopes of becoming a street magician. When he performs his magic in front of the beach crowds, like Blaine, he tries to convince them he has supernatural powers.

Another character in the novel, Elijah Mulligan, a conservative Christian, believes Blaze draws his powers from the occult--perhaps even from Satan himself. When Christine, Reverend Byron Butler's daughter, falls for Blaze, both Mulligan and the reverend believe Christine could be Blaze's next victim.

Creating a character based on Blaine and his magic fired my imagination. I actually had a blast writing many of the scenes where Blaze is featured. Now the question is: Will he harm Christine Butler?

Hope you check out the book!

Talk to you later,

Joe C. Ellis

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