Sunday, July 8, 2007

Shiver Me Timbers

Arrrrgghh!!! On Friday night I attended a Pittsburgh Pirate game with me brother, Jim. The Bucco's thumped the Cubbies 8 to 4. It was a mighty drubbing. By far though, the challenge of the evening was keeping me eye on brother Jim, aka Jack Sparrow Senior. 'Bout the 4th inning, After wettin' his whistle with some Iron City grog, Captn' Jim took to wandering to and fro. He didn't show back up until the 8th. Hard to guess what the skallywag was up to. Getting his landlegs? Spying out the stadium with his eyeglass? Dare I say, up to no good? Avast me mateys, this morning I received the above tintype in me email. Now I know. He was looking for booty!

Seriously though, my brother makes a great pirate. We could hardly get through the crowd on the way back to the car because of all the people who wanted pictures with him. Let me know if you want to rent him for your next party.

I drew on my brother Jim's adventurous spirit for a scene in my novel, Murder at Whalehead. One summer in the late 90's while we were vacationing on the Outer Banks, Jim and his son, Jimmy, rented a two-man kayak. Somehow they managed to paddle the thing beyond the breakers. My sister-in-law, Linda, got very nervous. Before you knew it, they were out several hundred yards on the ocean. We thought maybe a riptide got them. Linda ran up to the lifeguard and told him of their plight, but there wasn't much he could do. An hour later Jim and Jimmy finally paddled in. Said they were out there enjoying the freedom of the seas.

In my novel two of the main characters, Christine (the preacher's daughter) and a ten-year-old boy named Dugan paddles out beyond the breaker in a two-man kayak. There they have a terrifying experience. I can't tell ya more, matey. You'll have to buy the book.

Talk to ya later,

Joe C. Ellis

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