Monday, July 16, 2007

The Interview

The books are selling well here in the Ohio Valley. I haven't heard from booksellers or my distributor on the Outer Banks. I assume everything is moving along smoothly down there. I'm still waiting for quotes for offset printing for 2000 copies of the novel from my distributor. I'll probably email her tomorrow.

One reason the books are doing well in the Ohio Valley was because of a good interview in a local newspaper. The article was placed in the "Lifestyles" section with six or seven photographs from the Outer Banks (including the one above of a wild horse along the shore) and a picture of me in front of our local library. Many people who read my first book, The Healing Place, wanted a copy of Murder at Whalehead after seeing the article.

Ya can't beat free publicity!

Talk to you later,
Joe C. Ellis
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