Thursday, July 5, 2007

The Books Are IN

More than 800 books arrived today. 500 went to my distributor on the Outer Banks and 314 came to my house. With the 200 already sold or in bookstores, that makes over 1000. Goal--sell them all and order another 2000 before Christmas.

A lot will happen in the next two weeks: An article about Murder at Whalehead with lots of photographs will appear in Martins Ferry's (Ohio) Times Leader on Saturday. Tomorrow I'll be delivering books to local stores. I've already begun emailing independent bookstores in Ohio in hopes of more orders. A book signing, multi-media presentation, and fundraiser for the Martins Ferry Public Library will be held on Tues, July 10 at 6:30 at the library. Two local book clubs have asked me to speak at their meetings in July.

I've also emailed all the bookstores on the Outer Banks to inform them that Outer Banks Press will be distributing the novel from now on. Several of these stores have already sold out and ordered more books.

One more thought: I've decided to send two copies to my old agent, Michele Rubin at Writers House. She gave me a great quote for the book cover and wanted a copy when they came in. The book has been rewritten since she peddled it to the New York publishing houses last year. I'm going to suggest she give the extra copy to an editor who might be interested. The book came close to selling at several houses. You never know--the new opening chapter, great cover, quotes, and all the excitement about the book from sellers on the Outer Banks may convince an editor to take a chance.


Talk to you later,

Joe C. Ellis

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