Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A Book Signing at the Hometown Library

Last evening's book signing at my hometown (Martins Ferry, OH) library was a pleasant surprise. I showed a PowerPoint presentation about my novel, Murder at Whalehead, and talked about the creative process a writer goes through when developing characters, setting, conflict and plot. About thirty-five people attended, and we sold 43 books. We used the event as a fundraiser for reading programs at the library and raised $217. I love the idea of supporting literacy and promoting reading. In an age of video games and instant gratification, we've got to keep young people turned on to the written word.

I received an invitation on Monday to enter my novel into the Buckeye Book Fair, an event in Wooster dedicated to raising funds for literacy in Ohio. The fair is limited to about 100 authors, illustrators, and photographers. A steering committee will make a decision by the end of August as to what books and authors are included. I hope Murder at Whalehead gets approved. It would be a great opportunity to use my abilities to support literacy and give me a chance to connect with Ohio's writing community.

Payments from the bookstores on the Outer Banks have been arriving this week along with requests for more books. I'll have to make a decision in the near future about the size of the next print run. Lightning Source quoted me a price of $1.79 per book for 2000 books. Seems hard to beat, but I'm waiting for more quotes from my distributor, Outer Banks Press. Linda from OBP works closely with several NC printers. The shipping costs may be the determining factor. Just have to wait and see.

Talk to you later,

Joe C. Ellis

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