Saturday, June 30, 2007

Back in Time -- the Book Signing

After an encouraging meeting with Linda Lauby of the Outer Banks Press on Wednesday, I looked forward to the book signing at the Island Bookstore on Thursday in Corolla. The day was warm and sunny. Not good. On bright and beautiful days people head to the beach, not bookstores. However, Meaghan (I believe she helps manage all three stores which are owned by Bill Rickman--Corolla, Duck, and Kitty Hawk) was determined the signing would be successful.

The store is set up in a house-like building designed to reflect the style of the old Corolla village. Two floors are packed full of a variety of books. My table was situated on the front porch so no one could get into the store without seeing me. Meaghan joined me for most of the two hours, and we managed to sell about 15 books. Not bad for a slow day. Meaghan told me she had majored in art history and started her career working in a New York Gallery featuring New Realism paintings. Her love for books and the Outer Banks changed the direction of her life. I think she made the right decision. She loves to talk about books and instantly connects with people.

Later that day Meaghan called to tell me they needed more books. Murder at Whalehead was selling exceptionally well. Feeling ecstatic, I dropped 15 more off to them. Then another call came in--the one I had been waiting for. The Board of Directors of the Whalehead Club had made their decision about selling my novel in their gift shop. I knew this decision would be crucial. The Whalehead Club is a popular and historical tourist attraction on the northern Outer Banks. I knew that if the novel was approved, they could sell a lot of copies in their shop.

Tomorrow I'll tell you about their decision and how it impacted my thinking about the future of this book.

Talk to you later,

Joe C. Ellis

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Becky said...

I know quite a few self-published authors in my circle. 15 books at a signing isn't at all bad - especially not on a lovely day.

I'm glad your book is selling well in the bookshops so far, and I can't wait to hear about the decision from The Whalehead Club. I hope it was the one you wanted.


Joe C. Ellis said...

Thanks for the comment, Becky. Meaghan, the store manager, had a lot to do with those sales. Whenever anyone would come by, she'd say, "Do you like mysteries?" Most would say, yes. She'd say,"Come check this one out. It's set on the Outer Banks. You'll love it." She connected with people quickly. I asked her if she could come along to all my book signings. Too bad that wasn't possible.