Saturday, February 9, 2008

News and Video

Marketing my books is challenging. Sometimes I experiment with possibilities. I decided to create a music video of an original song I wrote a few years back and post it on YouTube. The song is called "Say Goodnight." It's about what happens eventually to a lot of couples--start out as friends but with time fall in love. At the end of the video is my website address:
The idea is to direct viewers to my website and info about the books.

Good news: I recently got my first check from my NC distributor, Outer Banks Press. The President, Ms. L. Lauby, is excited about the upcoming season, potential book sales, book reviews in her regional magazines, and the possibility of Outer Banks Press becoming the publisher of Murder at Whalehead. She also wants to consider becoming the distributor of The Healing Place. I'm guessing that if The Healing Place sells decently, Outer Banks Press may consider publishing it also.

Other news: This past week I made a trial copy of The First Shall Be Last (the sequel to Murder at Whalehead) at It's a great site to make one or two copies of a book to pass around to your line editors and others who could help sharpen the manuscript before the actual publication. I ordered two copies at about $10 a copy. Gretchen, an English teacher where I teach, is going to do a line edit for me, and my daughter, Rebekah, will also read it over and try to catch mistakes. Both have helped with my other two novels and did a great job. I'm going to send a copy to Ms. Lauby at Outer Banks Press to see if she would be interested in distributing this newest novel.

Writers have got to keep open to all possibilities. You never know when a door might open that could improve sales or give a boost to the next level of success.

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