Monday, February 25, 2008

New Video and News

I'm enjoying posting original song videos on YouTube and plugging my novel website at the end of each video. The above one, Do You Believe, has gotten the most hits, probably because it was a Valentine love song. I don't know if anyone will visit my website and check into the books because of these videos. It's one of those wait and see things.

The First Shall Be Last, the third novel of the Whalehead series, has gone into the hands of my two line editors, both English teachers. Rebekah, who is also my daughter, recently finished the novel and found a few mistakes. However, she said it's the best book I've written yet. That was encouraging. Once Gretchen, my other line editor finishes, I'll make the corrections in preparation for the first edition.

The Bethesda (Ohio) Book Club recently contacted me to speak at their March meeting about the first two novels in the series, The Healing Place and Murder at Whalehead. I'll be speaking to them on the evening of March 10. More details about that one later.

I'm still waiting to hear back from Outer Banks Press about the possibility of them becoming my publisher. Right now I'm self publishing through my own company, Upper Ohio Valley Books, but a few weeks back I received an email from OBX Press expressing interest. It's another one of those wait and see things.

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Jenna said...
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Jenna said...

AHHH! Mr. Ellis!!
I love your videos, and I enjoy reading your blog. And I'm not to sure why I'm online at 2 in the morning looking at peoples blogs either, hahaha. But anyways, I do really like your videos. I think your extremely talented!

see you at school,

jenna <3