Saturday, February 8, 2014


Upper Ohio Valley Books is excited to announce Joe C. Ellis's latest offering: a collection of short stories entitled SIX SHORT STORIES. The ebook is available at and for only 99 cents and FREE at

Although  the stories offer a variety of plots and characters, a common theme emerges tying all the tales together: dangerous or traumatic encounters. Whether it be a nasty shark prowling along the North Carolina coast (THE SHARK), a dead body under a frozen river (THE DEAD OF WINTER), a psychopathic preacher determined to get his way at all costs (CONSIDER THE SPARROWS), the murder of a high school cross country runner (THE BRIDGE), a boy's conflict with his father (THE LAST GAME), or a lethal Ebay auction (WHEATFIELD WITH CROWS) , these encounters offer the reader compelling entertainment.

If you're looking for a good read, don't hesitate to check these chilling and thrilling stories out. You can't beat the price--99 cents!

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