Friday, August 30, 2013


My latest novel, The Old Man and the Marathon, is now available as a free download from (Kindle, Nook, iPad, iPhone, computer, etc.) or from or for 4.99 cents. A paperback version is available for $12.99 from the major online bookstores.
Download your copy FREE today at Use coupon code: ZH54P
The Old Man and the Marathon is a story about taking on a challenge despite the odds. Sixty-four year old Angelo Santiago has been a distance runner most of his life. However, he has never run a marathon because of a history of sciatica problems. This missing piece in his competitive career has always gnawed at him, reminding him of his inferiority among his running peers. After three months of pain-free running, he decides to train for his first marathon. With encouragement from his young friend, Emmanuel, he begins the arduous workouts that will prepare him for one of the most difficult ordeals of his life. Along the way he meets Rita Marling, a beautiful woman who stirs romantic embers dormant since the death of his wife ten years ago. He also encounters Jack Silvers, a local high school coach and marathoner who becomes his rival in racing and romance. On the day of the race, like everyone who takes on the challenge of a marathon, Angelo must reach deep inside to find the strength and courage to finish the race.

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