Friday, December 31, 2010

Ending the Year with a Letter from a Reader.

I love to get emails from readers. Got this one yesterday from Wendy whose boyfriend's parents vacation in Avon, NC:

I have to hand it to you. You stumped the unstumpable. My family hates to go to the movies or watch t.v. with me because I always guess the endings.

My boyfriends parents go to Avon every Thanksgiving and this year picked up two of your novels. Murder at Whalehead and Murder at Hatteras.
I read the first one in one day. I guessed the killer. I felt you gave it away on page 79. Even though, I finished it and love it! I felt I could relate very much to the characters. I actually laughed out loud at some of the off hand comments made by some of them. I enjoyed it very much and recommended it to my daughters.

The second one I finished today. Started it yesterday. I enjoyed this one also. I suspected the killer in this one but you were so clever to make the reader root for it not to be him! So I flip flopped on my idea of who dunnit.
I wondered when I finished it how he could have gotten the mask. I suppose he had taken it after the very first rape.
Very, very good! I cannot wait to read the other novels.
I write alot of stories myself....I have thousands on my computer and cant seem to finish any of them. You inspire me to get back on the to speak. Thanks! Im a new fan!
My daughter and I went to your website...Very cool! We liked the ghost story until the cheezy ending I guessed that too! Oh, I love the trailers they were fantastic. I did think while reading the first one what a geat movie it would make.....Matt Damon as Kenny Queen!

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